• Storm Chasing Tours
    Storm Chasing Tours You can experience anomalous weather in tornado alley, with expert storm chasing tour guides. Book your storm chasing tour today!
  • Storm Chasing Tours
    Storm Chasing Tours You can experience anomalous weather in tornado alley, with expert storm chasing tour guides. Book your storm chasing tour today!
  • Storm Chasing Tours
    Storm Chasing Tours You can experience anomalous weather in tornado alley, with expert storm chasing tour guides. Book your storm chasing tour today!

Storm Chasing Tours

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Are you ready for a storm chasing tour guide to lead you through tornado alley? You will feel the wind blow and the thunder rumble, as your adventure begins on your storm chase tour!
Book your storm chasing tour today!

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March 15th, 2017

We have been charging up our batteries, dusting off our equipment, and getting ready for the upcoming storm chasing tour season. Thank you for your valued support. We look forward to seeing you in the 2017 season.

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Tour Guides

Fred Plowman

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Fred, Storm Chasing Tour Guide - Storm chasing since 2001, Fred is an experienced storm chaser.

Eric B'Hymer

storm chasing tour eric
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Eric, Storm Chasing Tour Guide - Storm chasing since 1993, Eric brings tremendous experience to the team.

Steve Polley

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Steve,  Storm Chasing Tour Guide - Storm chasing since 2001, Steve is a great forecaster.


We had the thrill of our lives. From the time we landed in Kansas City, we were treated with first class service.

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SPC Day 1 Outlook

The National Weather Service's, Storm Prediction Center's Outlook for severe storms is one of the many tools storm chasers use to forecast storms. They have compiled a tremendous amount of educational information. Learn more about storm chasing and tornadoes.

Chase Tour Information

  • Meals on the Road
  • Lodging
  • Chasing Technology
  • Storm Tour FAQ
storm chase tour restaraunt

Dining in tornado alley provides many opportunities. We recommend you take advantage of your hotels continental breakfast. You are responsible for your costs for lunch and dinner. It is recommended that you budget about $20 - $30 per adult, per day for food.


Continental Breakfast

Most hotels provide a well rounded breakfast to get you started. It is common that these breakfast opportunities are shut down at 9 or 10 AM. We recommend, that you help yourself to some pastries, an apple or banana for the road.


Lunch on the Road

Local fare and fast food are available at your cost on the road. We may or may not have time to stop, depending on the target for the day. If we don't have time to stop, please rely on your continental breakfast, or your dinner after the chase.


Dinner After the Chase

At most exits along the highways, there are many chain restaurants, as well as some great mom and pop establishments. As a general rule, we stop for a group dinner each night after chasing. This usually occurs after 9pm. Please be prepared.


storm chase tour hotel

At most major exits of cities, along our nations highways, there are a multitiude of lodging choices. We work hard to secure premium lodging, to make your stay as comfortable as possible.  While storm chasing with us, we cover your lodging, so you can relax after a long day on the road.


Premium Lodging

We pride ourselves at catering to our customers. When available, we will seek premium lodging accomodations for your overnight stay. Premium lodging provides many benefits.


Economy Lodging

Sometimes premium lodging is not available. It may be booked or overpriced for a holiday, etc. Sometimes it is neccesary to seek lodging at more modest establishments.



We have technology that allows us to precisely measure velocity and trajectory of storms. While in the field, we use GPS to determine our location in relation to the storms. Our systems are redundant, in that we have satellite and mobile internet data at our disposal. This is important to ensure that, the likelihood of a data outage is minimized.


Data Resources

We use available potential storm modeling data, to determine where storms are likely to occur. This helps our storm chasing tour guides determine the area where tornados may develop wihtin a 72 hour window.


Software and Hardware

Satellite radar, mobile wireless - internet radar, GPS, mapping software and meteorological data are all used in conjunction with our eyes and training to place us at the right place at the right time.


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What is included with your tour? Your storm chasing tour is 6 days and 7 nights of a tornado alley adventure! After landing in your destination city ( Kansas City ) and your chase begins, we cover your ground transportation to and from the storms and your lodging. We provide you with a pre - chase tour introduction along with an intermediate storm chasing education and strategy during your tour.

What expenses are my responsibility? You will be responsible for your meals, beverages and other costs such as; entry fees to parks, tourist destinations, or any other associated fees. We include lodging and transportation costs only.

What if there are no storms? Sometimes there may not be any storms forecasted. If there are no storms to chase on a tour day, we will visit local attractions and places of interest. We typically chase in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and Colorado.

Are there refunds for my tour? Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for your tour. Your deposit is required at time of booking. There are no refunds on deposits. Payment in full for your chase tour(s) is due by March 15th. Please do not book your tour unless you are certain of the dates you have chosen. We will not refund monies for any reason that you do not complete your tour. We will not refund your tour in full or in part if you are late ( if you are late, we will attempt to rejoin you with your tour ).

What are the chances I see a tornado? We are certain you will see extreme, anomalous weather, awesome supercell thunderstorms, and intense hail and rain. If there is a tornado on the storm we are on, it is likely we will see it. It is unethical to guarantee or promise you a tornado. If you don't see a tornado on your tour we provide a promotional code or coupon to use on your next tour in the amount of $200.

What should I pack for my trip? It is important to pack light. Please, bring no more than 4 or 5 days of clothing. Many hotels offer laundering facilities. T-shirts, shorts, bathing suit sandals and walking shoes seem to be the norm. Expect hot days and cool weather while in and around a storm. A rain jacket or fleece is typical for the cool and wet weather we anticipate on the cold front. We ask that you limit your bags to one carry on type or duffle bag and maybe a shopping type bag or backpack. There will be no room for larger, non carry-on suitcases. A book or magazine for reading or an electronic entertainment device is common, please bring headphones. Don't forget lip balm and sunscreen.

Can I take pictures and video? Of course you can. Just remember, room for equipment is at a premium. A tripod is "sometimes" ok, if you are an avid photographer or videographer. A full production kit is discouraged.

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